Free help

free consultancy to design, specify a project or respond to a bid

NEWRON SYSTEM proposes a free help and consultancy to the entire actors of the building automation.

We are helping to specify, to design solutions of BMS or BAS exclusively based on Open Systems. That consultancy is totally free.

Our aim is to encourage and promote the use of open technologies in building automation.

Free consultancy basically targets :

Building owners or real estate promoters :

A help to better specify their needs and better understand what they can wait from a BMS or BAS. BMS can indeed have several goals: comfort, energy performance, financial performance, easy maintenance, We are helping you to better formulate your needs.

Project owner is the one who has to clearly define his needs. He must define the project objective and give a direction to his project. We can help him to understand what he can expect from a BMS.

Engineering and consulting firm:

Help to better design a competitive bidding. How to specify a good and open system. How to insert a bidding for BMS inside the specification. If it has to be independent or not…

Consulting firm is the one who understand the owner needs and specify what is expected. He has to detail what has to be done inside a tender. We are helping for the aspects related to the system, infrastructure and BMS solution.

System integrators :

To propose a better and more accurate response to a tender. L’idée est d’imaginer la meilleure solution SYSTEME en protocole ouvert, indépendante de tout manufacturier, afin de proposer le meilleur rapport qualité prix. Nous étudions ensemble le CCTP, nous imaginons la structure du réseau et la réponse

System integrator is the one who makes the quotation of his technical solution. He has to design a first class technical response. We help him to find a fancy solution based on open systems and matching the tender demands.

That is a free service. Contact us.

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