Site audit

NEWRON SYSTEM audits job site and comes with details on system performance including error reports and possible solutions.

One of NEWRON SYSTEM’s roles is to perform audits and diagnoses on BMS performance.

We propose complete missions: we make a technical audit, we underline the problems and we propose an action plan to solve the problems or then improve the performances. These services are fixed and include a complete report delivery.



We send on-site an expert possessing an outfit of tool to test, to configure and tune BMS or BAS based on open systems.

Our technical audit is complete :

  • we check the respect of the cabling topology rules,
  • we inspects the real distances,
  • we probe network communication, examine products,
  • we take into account routers or gateways and make sure SCADA system is not overloaded.


Then we draft a report listing the defective points and the ways to improve.

We propose solutions and action plan to remedy the problem but we also list the technical or financial hard points that may occur.

Further to this report you know the problems, a collection of ways to improve and the recommended solutions.

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