Official training centre for Open protocols, system integration and maintenance

Newron System is a certified training center. Our trainings concern open protocols for building management but are applied to the building professions : integration or site exploitation.

We are basically proposing the following trainings :

Open BMS Protocols training - 2 days

Dedicated to Business managers or salesman : come to discover the open BMS protocols and their applications as knowing the semantics, the architecture definition rules, the budget estimation steps, how to defend a case.

BACnet Technology training - 2 days

Dedicated to Business managers, salesman or systems integrators : the protocol’s history, general knowledge, BACnet objects and services, automation objects and their functioning (alarms, schedulers, trends), as well as systems exemples through manufacturers solutions and gateways.

LonWorks Integration training - 3 days

Dedicated to project managers or systems integrators : general knowledge about technology bases, integration steps, how to conceive networks with routers, estimate the traffic flow, commissioning and putting into service, installing a SCADA system and estimating its performances, (estimating performance), knowing the tools.

Advanced LonWorks integration training - 4 days

Going further in the protocol details as well as testing details, adjustment, bandwith calculation, network optimization, tips and tricks of tools’ advanced features.

Training to exploitation and maintenance of LonWorks networks - 3 days

Dedicated to facility managers and maintenance technicians : general knowledge about technology bases, semantics, functioning, sites maintenance, test functions to take care of, the useful software pieces.

NLFacilities training - 3 days

Dedicated to system integrators, facility managers and maintenance technicians : general workflow, apprehension of the zone concept, zone templates definition, tools use, graphical integration and maintenance.

We are providing the complete materials except the notebook : PC interface cards, devices, exercises, tools. You basically only need to bring your laptop with you. Training sessions are opened to any company.

But we are also proposing specific and dedicated trainings to companies : « in situ training». These trainings are for your company only, located in your facilities. Trainings are mostly the same but exercises are generally applied to your own needs. Companies are keen on getting such training mainly when they have a real project to start with. We are indeed bringing together training, consultancy and expertise. You need to add the travel costs.

Please contact us for more information

33, rue Paul Gauguin - 31100 TOULOUSE - FRANCE