LonWorks Infrastructure

NEWRON SYSTEM proposes a wide range of LonWorks hardware infrastructure to set up a physical network.

NEWRON SYSTEM offers a wide range of LonWorks infrastructure products. They are mainly routers and repeaters but we also offer network interface cards and visualisation display.

PC interface Routers Gateways / acquisition

This family includes PC interfaces for LonWorks. Interface in several standards
It also includes screen and displays to visualise information on the LonWorks network

This family includes LonWorks routers from IP to FTT10A or TP/XF 1250
It also includes switches and non programmable and learning infrastructure components

This family includes acquisition devices to acquire information and speed SCADA performance
It also includes the Gateways between LonWorks and other protocols
PC InterfacesNetwork interface card for LonWorks.
We propose PC interface cards in PCI mode, USB mode and remote IP mode
These PC interface cards are delivered for FTT10A channels
OxtopusFamily of LonWorks routers between one IP channel to one or several FTT10A channels including modbus and Wifi if needed
Oxtopus family includes devices proposing to route from IP either to 1, 2 or 4 FTT10A channels
doGateIP automation server for LonWorks and other protocols. It acquires information in LonWorks over IP, can translate it to any other open BMS protocol, map it in BACnet or OPC. It includes a scheduler, trending and alarming engine.
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