BACnet infrastructure

NEWRON SYSTEM proposes a wide range of BACnet hardware infrastructure to set up a physical network.

NEWRON SYSTEM offers a range of BACnet infrastructure products.

The doGate is at the heart of this architecture : doGate, universal BMS server, can behave as a BACnet client for BACnet acquisition, as a BACnet server to push unified field data to any BACnet client and proposes an embedded visualisation with doCONTROL.

BACnet Client BACnet Server Visualization

doGate acquires BACnet field devices’ values over IP. This acquisition can also be done via standard BACnet IP routers to access to MS/TP segments and their devices.
The acquistion falls into a B-ASC standardized profile.

doGate can behave as a BACnet server, to provide all its acquired field data, possibly coming from different field bus protocols, into a unified way to any BACnet client system.
The server falls into a B-BC standardized profile, meaning serving data as well as Schedulers, Alarms and Trends.
Finally doGate can also behave as a BACnet/IP - BACnet/IP router, in case of 2 different IP segments.

doGate provides a web-based HMI named doCONTROL, in HTML5. From this visualization, can be managed any acquired field data, including BACnet field data.
The management of Alarms, Schedulers and Trends is also available.
doGate BACnet client device to acquire BACnet field data over IP or MS/TP via standard routers. doGate IP automation server for BACnet. It acquires information over IP of the complete field standards : BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus and SNMP and provide the data into a unified BACnet interface. It includes Schedulers, Alarms and Trends. doGate Embedded HTML5 visualization for field networks, including BACnet. It can be accessed remotely from any computer or tablets and permits to manage the entire site from one point.
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