Modbus M-Bus infrastructure

NEWRON SYSTEM proposes a range of Modbus or M-Bus hardware infrastructure to set up
a physical network.

PC interface IP tunneling Gateways / acquisition

This family includes PC interfaces for Modbus and M-Bus. You can interface your Modbus or M-Bus network using USB

This family includes Modbus IP devices.
It converts a Modbus RTU frame info an IP Modbus frame and vice versa

This family includes acquisition devices to acquire information and speed SCADA performance
It also includes the Gateways between Modbus M-Bus and other protocols
Interface for Modbus RTU Converter from Modbus RTU to IP DoGateIP automation server for Modbus, M-Bus and other protocols. It acquires information in Modbus and M-Bus, can translate it to any other open BMS protocol, map it in BACnet or OPC and includes a scheduler
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Interface for M-Bus

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