doMoov Smart Services development tool

doMoov, a software development platform for Smart Building Application

You want to develop a software application and get rid of the protocol ? You want to save development time and use existing engine that templates every BMS function ? You want to be truly and fully IP convergent ?

doMoov is designed for your need.


doMoov is a Framework that template and unify open BMS protocols. doMoov is designed to develop protocol agnostic smart services applications. Get rid of the protocol, of the BMS automation… develop the application you imagine. That application can then interface with any existing BMS, can fit in any new application…


Your developer may use high level software classes to read and write datapoints on any network. It also has a collection of classes to manage automation (alarming, scheduling and trending) independently of the used protocols.

doMoov allows a quick development with a complete interoperability with existing BMS systems but also with new IP systems.

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