Building to Grid

doMoov : a building to grid enabler ! Jump in a solution where everything is designed for Smart applications

To connect buildings together to move to Smart Building to end in Smart Cities is no more an option.

Buildings have to be connected to the outside to manage their consumption depending on global information. But buildings are somehow heterogeneous and there is a need to converge to a unique architecture matching the most existing buildings management system (if any) as you can.

Software to optimize building energy consumption have to collect information from automation devices inside the building but also need to dialog with local production, external production, local storage if any, weather forecast… To develop such software solutions you need a framework able to develop applications that are BMS protocol agnostic and connected to external world : doMoov.

Moreover doMoov proposes full IP distributed architecture where software applications are remote (in the cloud, on servers…). doMoov can also be extended in term of protocol to include energy distribution protocols such as IEC61850 / IEC61400 / DNP3 in order to propose the complete framework solution.

doMoov is a true middleware between building automation devices , distribution network and the IT world

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