NEWRON SYSTEM history : from protocol expert to full system provider and glue maker

Founded in 1993,

NEWRON SYSTEM is now an independent system provider offering solutions where you can connect any hardware of any manufacturer on any open protocol to any software, program, SCADA, ERP, …. We are specialized in open standards such as LonWorks, KNX, BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus, OPC, oBIX …
Our systems are well known to fit job site requirements and have been cultivated from our real job experiences.

Integrating LonWorks systems and solutions

NEWRON SYSTEM has been first committed to integrating LonWorks systems and solutions. Due to the lack of tools and software to ease integration and decrease time on job site we decided to turn the company profile into a software house specialized in Building Management Systems tools and software. We then committed our job site and field expertise to providing integrators an easy, cost effective and reliable software range to install, configure, manage, pre-commission networks and prepare SCADA systems.

Bring a complete and independent system

Later we decided to bring a complete and independent system: tool + infrastructure + training + Expertise. Our aim was to reduce integration time and cost and ease system design. The emergence of multi open protocols encouraged us to channel our experience and expertise into developing an Operating System for building management systems: DoMooV.
That Operating System is a multi protocol middleware for Building Management Systems. This middleware or framework is a software platform that integrates the open BMS standard protocols into a unified platform.

DoMooV fully abstracts the system including commissioning !

We are then now proposing a complete range of software to manage, maintain and supervise networks based not only on LonWorks but on open and standard protocols such as BACnet, KNX, M-Bus, Modbus, ….


We need to propose a unique system to fit 100% of open bids. So we decided to develop a unique infrastructure based on IP: doGate. That infrastructure is able to acquire any field information coming from any open protocol, perform every automation function (alarms/trends/schedules/script/Gateway) and serves information to SCADA through BACnet or OPC even oBIX

Then we succeeded into providing a unique couple tool + infrastructure for any system integrator to design any solution. We are a pure system provider and a glue make r!

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