System makers

We are offering to system integrators a solution to integrate any device into a unique BMS system independently of the brand and protocol.

Product does not make the solution: only system is the solution.

You can have the best PC of the world if you badly interconnect them, if you have a bad system, poor routers, awful connections, … then solution is bad : you still cannot print on your workmate printer, you cannot easily exchange files… BMS follows the same rules : system is the key!

BMS world makes the same revolution than IT did 20 years ago ! Only full proprietary systems existed: full IBM system, full Dell or full Bull or… The emergence of an interoperable standard (TCP/IP) channelled that market into heterogeneous systems where several brands, devices and functions can coexist and share information. Now an IT system may also include printers, copy makers, faxes… Network is the key

Due to that revolution, a new job emerged :

IT system engineer aimed to gather and administrate the entire devices into a unique interoperable system. Some new company profiles were born : system makers specialized in network infrastructure, protocols, network management (Cisco, Alcatel…). The same way, BMS is moving from a mono branded system into a multi manufacturer and multi job network. Then a new job emerges here also : system integrator. And a new company profile : BMS system maker.

NEWRON SYSTEM is a BMS System maker proposing to System Integrators a solution to integrate devices independently of brand, function and protocol

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